VCollab launches Social Networking Community Site for FEA/CFD Visualizations: VCollab is proud to announce the social networking site called for sharing 3D interactive FEA/CFD Visualizations. It is to 3D FEA/CFD simulations, what Youtube is for videos.

AVID Design Solutions

[AVID Aircraft Design Solutions - Introduction]

The design process requires tools that can assist the user in synthesizing and optimizing the various components of an aircraft.  AVID's tools integrate multidisciplinary analyses to develop an optimum solution for a set of requirements.  Our geometry centered analysis enables good fidelity at reasonable effort to get answers in the design team's hands as fast as possible. 

AVID's Software Suite can help you with all these decisions and more.  You save on production costs as AVID tools predict how variables will affect your overall design.


AVID LLC Software Capabilities