ANSYS announces EKM 13.0 as the Simulation Process and Data Management Solution. VCollab provides the Light Weight Simulation Data Visualization capability within EKM 13.0



AVID PAGE is a rapid parametric modeler that allows the user to think in terms of aircraft parameters, and quickly develop advanced concepts. Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) are supported for creating curvature continuous geometry. As the first step in the design process, PAGE can export surface geometry to CAD and grid generation codes.

The input data to PAGE can be from the User, AVID ACS or AVID OAV.  So it is stand alone, or integrated with ACS or OAV, AVID PAGE creates 3-D geometry from aircraft design parameters. Users have the option to feed this information to AVID Aerodynamic Tools: AVID RAPT or AVID VorView.


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AVID PAGE Data Sheet