ANSYS announces EKM 13.0 as the Simulation Process and Data Management Solution. VCollab provides the Light Weight Simulation Data Visualization capability within EKM 13.0

PHX ModelCenter® 12.0 Release

Phoenix Integration사의 ModelCenter 최신 버전이 출시되었습니다!

64 bit 모드 지원, 최적화 및 후처리 기능 개선, 그리고 기타 여러 버그들이 수정되어 사용하시는데에 있어 보다 편리한 기능과 환경을 제공해드릴 것 입니다.

추가적인 문의는 메일(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 또는 전화(02-543-3990~1)로 주시면 친절히 안내하여 드리도록 하겠습니다.

업데이트 상세 내용은 다음과 같습니다.


ModelCenter 12.0 / June 1,2017


  • With the release of ModelCenter 12.0, version numbers for Phoenix Plug-Ins and other Phoenix products have been updated to match the version number for ModelCenter. (Third-party version numbers are not affected.) This will help with communicating compatible version numbers between products.
  • ModelCenter now runs natively in 64-bit mode.
  • ModelCenter now uses Python 2.7.13.
  • ModelCenter is now compatible with Altair license management.
  • Added a new, unified, web-based visualization infrastructure.
  • Upgraded the DOT Optimization Algorithm to v6.0.
  • Moved the directory where crash recovery files are stored from the user's temporary directory to APPDATA\Phoenix Integration\AutoRecovery.
  • The maximum size of the Java Virtual Machine used by ModelCenter can now be configured in the registry (via JVM64MaxMemory and JVM32MaxMemory in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Phoenix Integration, Inc.\JNI). The old option in the ModelCenter preferences has been removed.
  • Bugs Fixed


Analysis Server version 12.0


  • Analysis Server now runs natively as 64 bit on Windows.
  • Analysis Server now uses Python 2.7.13.
  • Analysis Server now allows Altair license management as an alternative to FlexLM.
  • PHXSimpleArray now implements Iterable<>, enabling easy iteration over the values.
  • Removed -Xmx256m from Analysis Server startup by default.
  • Resolved an issue where "local" AServer connections would intermittently fail.
  • A security upgrade to Analysis Server required disabling the SSLv3 protocol in favor of TLS during SSL connections. Because previous versions of ModelCenter (before ModelCenter 12.0) did not use TLS, they will not be able to connect to this version of Analysis Server over SSL.