VCollab launches Social Networking Community Site for FEA/CFD Visualizations: VCollab is proud to announce the social networking site called for sharing 3D interactive FEA/CFD Visualizations. It is to 3D FEA/CFD simulations, what Youtube is for videos.

Product List


Phoenix Integration


MSC Software Cradle

  • sc/Tetra scFLOW - Main products of CRADLE (Thermo-fluid analysis with unstructured mesh or polyhedral mesh)
  • scSTREAM HeatDesigner PICLS - Sub products of CRADLE (Thermo-fluid analysis with structured mesh/Thermal design tool for electronics/Tool for real-time thermal simulation of PCB)



  • Sculptor Morph - real-time 3D morphing technology for STL data and point cloud data
  • Sculptor Morph Analysis - real-time 3D morphing technology for CFD/FEA analysis data
  • Sculptor+ CAD - real-time 3D morphing technology for CAD design data
  • Sculptor+ Optimize - real-time 3D morphing technology to support rapid shape optimization
  • Sculptor+ Match - real-time 3D morphing technology to match a baseline model to a target model 
  • Sculptor Morph API - real-time 3D morphing technology embedded in 3rd-party applications




AMI CFD Solution

  • VSAERO - 3D potential flow solver based on panel method
  • USAERO - Unsteady potential flow solver for arbitrary transient motions
  • MGAERO - 3D multi-grid, cartesian Euler flow solver with embedded grids
  • VLAERO+ - Planar vortex lattice method for subsonic & supersonic aerodynamic analysis
  • MSES+ - Multi-element airfoil analysis and design code
  • MISES - Multi-element airfoil cascade analysis and design code
  • SURFGEN - Surface panel grid generation and pre-processor
  • OMNI3D - Interactive 3D visualization and post-processor
  • CAMRAD II - Aeromechanical analysis code for helicopters and rotorcrafts